President's Message

January 2013

  1. Search committee for 5774 religious school leadership
  2. LAJC member David Izraelevitz elected Vice-Chair of County Council
  3. Community Pesach Seder 5773
  4. Rabbinic Services 
  5. Passings

1. Search committee for 5774 religious school leadership

The Board of Directors has been considering the changes in the Religious School over the recent past and concluded that a new paradigm must be considered for its organization. Accordingly, a RELIGIOUS SCHOOL LEADERSHIP SEARCH committee, chaired by Suzanne Lynne, has been appointed to consider this issue and make recommendations to the BoD, including specific personnel. The charge to this committee is append ended below.  All members of the LAJC community are invited to contribute their thoughts on this to the RSLS. 


Suzanne Lynne (chair), Rachel Adler, Bob Benjamin, Andrew Dattelbaum, Barbara Devolder, Dana Klein


The BoD of the LAJC is seeking new leadership and possibly a new design for the Religious School. We ask you to seek out candidates and to address these issues: 

Should the RS have a Director, Coordinator, or Committee to lead it? 

The leadership will need to be responsible for the curriculum, finding teachers, recruiting students, acquiring supplies and classroom management. These functions (and related compensation) need not be restricted to one person. 

Should the design for the RS resume its older form of several classes for different age groupings, one of its more recent forms -- one-room school house, two classes, one with younger and one with older students -- with teachers assisted by aides who usually have graduated from the RS, or, something new and different? 

The mission of the LAJC Religious School is to educate enrolled youth in Jewish culture, religion, and history; to teach Hebrew as part of Jewish heritage as well as preparation to enter Bar or Bat Mitzvahtraining; to explain Israel's historic and modern role in the world; and to develop a sense of Jewish identity and community amongst the younger generation. 

2. LAJC member David Izraelevitz elected Vice-Chair of County Council

The BOD congratulates LAJC member David Izraelevitz on his election as Vice-Chair of County Council on behalf of all of the members of the LAJC. It has been awhile since LAJC member Ken Milder served on the Council and was in a position to bring views of the Jewish community to the attention of the County. 

3. Community Pesach Seder, 5773

Preparations have begun for the annual Community Seder on the second night of Pesach, 26 March 2013.  Abe Lederman is acquiring a new caterer, rabbinic leadership, and the Senior Center as the venue.  The BOD thanks Abe for his continuing leadership on this vital function of the LAJC community. 

4. Rabbinic Services

The rabbinic services committee, chaired by Sy Stange, continues to search for and arrange services from northern New Mexico rabbis. Fannie Sapir is arranging a visit from Rabbi Landau, hopefully in February, and the BOD is attempting to arrange a contract with Chaplain Miryam Levy for chaplaincy services in the near future. 

5. Passings

Martin Gursky, one of the founding members of the LAJC, passed away recently. A memorial service is being planned for March. Thanks to the Caring Committee for arranging to assist the family after the private internment. 

We also recall with sadness the recent passing of Andi Kron's mother, Selma Kron.

Terry Goldman, President, LAJC