The Los Alamos Jewish Center is an unaffiliated, egalitarian congregation. Men and women participate equally in all religious aspects of our congregation, and participation in all aspects of the service, from readings to leading prayers to reading from the Torah is encouraged and appreciated.

Shabbat Services

Shabbat evening services are held every Friday, with a special summer schedule. Most often, members lead services and provide refreshments for the post-service celebration or Oneg. The current service times are listed in ourMenorah. There is generally more English in the Friday night service than in the Saturday morning service.

We hold Shabbat morning and Torah services about every other Saturday and are led by our Rabbi. Shabbat morning service dates and times are also listed in our Menorah. Once a month we hold a "Bagels and Lox Shabbat" where we get together for a potluck lunch after the Torah service.

guide to leading to leading Shabbat evening services is available to help members. This guide list common prayers and readings with pages numbers and notes as to traditions special to the LAJC.

High Holy Days

For the High Holy Days, we hold services on both days of Rosh Hashanah.Our High Holy Day prayer book is the Mahzor Hadash. We also have Youth services for both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. A Tashlich service is held at Ashley Pond. We also hold Selihot services prior to Rosh Hashanah. High Holy Day services are open to the whole Jewish community and there are no tickets or cost required to attend. Nevertheless, some participants elect to make a voluntary contribution.


Among our other observances, we hold a Tikkun L'Shavuot at the Rabbi's home, where we stay up late discussing Jewish topics and celebrating our culture, reading of Megillah Esther for Purim, and, in conjunction with the Religious School, we have Hanukkah and Purim parties. We build a sukkah on the Center grounds, and during our Simhat Torah service we parade our Torah scrolls around our building. A community seder is conducted every year on the second night of Passover that is also open to the whole community. Services are also held on Tisha B'Av.

Worship Leadership and Rabbinic Services

Services at the LAJC are primarily led by knowledgable members of the community.  However, on a regular basis we invite rabbis and cantors to lead services or events for our community.  For example, we will have Rabbi Stephen Landau lead High Holy Day services at the LAJC in 2014.  Rabbi Jack Shlachter, Rabbi Emeritus of the Los Alamos Jewish Center, continue to resides in Los Alamos and remains a valuable resource for our community (see below for more information).  

Feel free to contact the LAJC president (PRESIDENT@LAJC.ORG) who can help find someone to help meet your rabbinic needs.

We also have an active caring committee
(CARING@LAJC.ORG) currently led by Ellen Ben-Naim. Please contact Ellen or the LAJC president for needs that the community can meet.

                                                Rabbi Emeritus Dr. Jack Shlachter
Jack Shlachter is the Rabbi Emeritus of the Los Alamos Jewish Center, Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Rabbi Shlachter was ordained through Rabbi Gershon Winkler in 1995 and served as both rabbi and cantor at the Los Alamos Jewish Center for many years, teaching adults, B'nai Mitzvah students, and the Post Bar/Bat Mitzvah class as well as conducting life cycle events and representing the Jewish community in the broader Los Alamos community. He is currently active as a rabbi at HaMakom, The Place for Passionate and Progressive Judaism in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Rabbi Shlachter continues to assist our congregation as needed.

Rabbi Shlachter and his wife Beverly reside in Los Alamos but travel extensively to provide itinerant rabbinic services both domestically and abroad. Rabbi Shlachter served as rabbi for High Holidays in 2012 at Or Chadasch in Vienna, Austria.
                                                                                                                                                            Rabbi Jack Shlachter
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