Yiddish Lives

Please join us for a special event

Yiddish Lives


Harvey Buchalter


Los Alamos Jewish Center, Sunday, March 20th

Dinner 5:30, Lecture and Discussion 6:30pm

Abstract: A good sense of humor has always been a handy implement  in the  survival toolbox of the Jewish people. Yiddish expressions filled with sharp irony, defense of the “little guy,” and wrangling with the Almighty have sustained the Jews wherever they have lived. History – some good, some “not so good” – has given rise to these expressions is the topic that Harvey Buchalter will cover in his talk. No prior knowledge of Yiddish is needed to enjoy his talk. 

About the Speaker: Harvey Buchalter is a first-generation Yiddish speaker as well as an historian of Eastern European Jewish history and American Jewish history between the two World Wars. He has translated two Yizkhor Bikhor (Memory Books),  many Yiddish poems, and articles on Jewish  history in New Mexico.  His latest translation, My Life and My Work, by Israel Rouchomovsky weaves the story of a craftsman’s creation of a golden tiara that had the Paris art world spinning at the turn of the last century. The work has an interesting connection to Los Alamos as well.

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