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You donation to the Los Alamos Jewish Center is gratefully accepted. Membership dues cover minimum expenses, and additional contributions are always appreciated to help maintain the building, activities,
and Religious School.


To donate by credit card or through PayPal click here.

(You don't need a PayPal account)


If you would like to send a donation via check, please mail your contribution to the following address:


Los Alamos Jewish Center

PO Box 1114

Los Alamos, NM 87544


In addition to the General Fund, there are several special funds (Security, Property Improvement, Life & Legacy endowment fund, etc.) to which you may direct your contribution. For more information, please contact the treasurer.


Los Alamos Jewish Center's religious activities, children's education, adult learning and social events are open to all.

Congregants who share the LAJC's mission to support Jewish life in Los Alamos are requested to join as official LAJC members, by making a financial contribution at one of the following membership levels:

  • Jewish Spark Level: donation is $120 per year, or $30 quarterly. A great starting point for Jewish Center connection.

  • Candlestick Level: donation is $260 per year, or $65 quarterly. Lighting the way for LAJC.

  • Kiddish Cup Level: donation is $520 per year, or $130 quarterly. Sharing in our Jewish community.

  • Chai Level: donation is $1,040 per year, or $260 quarterly. Our Chai membership level is the amount of financial support needed per household to keep the Los Alamos Jewish Center healthy.


  • Menorah Level: donation is $1,800 per year, or $450 quarterly. LAJC's Menorah level donations increase the ability of the Jewish Center to better serve our congregants and the community.


  • LAJC Digital/Long-Distance Friend: donation is $120 minimum per year. Reserved for out-of-town friends of the LAJC. It includes loved ones’ names read at all Yizkor services; does NOT include voting privileges.


Life & Legacy is a nation-wide program sponsored by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation that provides training, support, and monetary incentives to motivate Jewish organizations to build permanent endowment funds.


Please consider continuing your support for Jewish life in Los Alamos with a gift to the LAJC Life & Legacy Endowment Fund from your will, trust, life insurance or retirement account.


Current, cash-equivalent donations to the endowment are also gratefully accepted. Questions? Speak to Tom Alexander, Lauren Coupland, Donna Milanovich, or Beverly Post.

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